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We have quality products and services for all your maintenance and remodeling needs. We are your source for Paint, Hardware, Tools and Lumber as well as Lawn and Garden supplies.

Thriftway has been serving the Treasure Valley since 1958; we are a third generation, locally owned and operated business in Boise, Idaho.

Whether you are a weekend DIY person or a professional tradesman, we would like to invite you to visit one of our two Boise locations whenever you need some help with your project.

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Best place to go for key cutting! I had the worst time finding a place to cut a replacement for my car so let me save everyone the trouble, this place is awesome!

Maggie Trautman

Always friendly employees. Smallish neighborhood hardware store. Will not have everything a big box store would and be a little pricer.

Mike Kelly

Nice little Ace Hardware store. It has a good selection of tools and law care products without the hassle of a trip to Home Depot or Loew’s.

Gerald Sullivan

Got keys made here. Came out good. They all worked. Nice employees.

Kiera Stone

Service is top-notch. Garden supplies in stock year-round, which is Handy when the other stores are clearing out their stock.

Maria Ringold

Very nice and very helpful

Bryant Fannin

Great service from friendly staff! They do a great job and are very helpful and friendly.

Steve Kraemer

I buy all my wood screws there because I need to buy in bulk.

Roger Pierce

Wonderful customer service!

Cheryl Bushart

Great selection and employees are nice.

Jeff T

I went in to get screwdrivers. They walked with me to find what I needed and then put on my new license plates for me. That was service above and beyond.

Production Support

Went to this Ace for first time. Was wandering around the hardware fittings, was promptly asked if I needed help and the associate walked me through and helped me find a product that would fit my needs. Remember, Ace has a much better selection of solutions for installed hardware and fastener products than Home Depot or Lowe’s and you will spend less time wandering around.

Josh Thompson

Good small hardware. fastener selection. I needed some small hardware to mount on my vehicle and they allowed me to take items back and forth to my car for sizing… without payment. .. saving me a big hassle.

Garru T.

Good general purpose hardware store.

Bob Breedlove

BOISE IDAHO, 2050 Broadway, Soap-makers will enjoy knowing that this store carries a much sought after product called Rooto Drain Opener, 100%.

Mary Young Robinson

They’re always helpful and knowledgeable–and willing to do more for the customer than large building materials stores.

Carolyn McCollum

Unlike The Home Depot most of the employees know what they are selling and where it is located. They will give advise and will be competitive with prices as well.

Danny Hamilton

Didn’t have the part i needed in stock, but they helped me find someone that did!

Spencer Arnold

Great place to shop for hardware and lumber, very helpful staff whenever i ask for what I’m looking for. They ALWAYS have sales and they are even better if you have an ace rewards. If they don’t have what you need they always offer to order it online for me or direct me to the right place.

Hannah Powell

Awesome. I discovered this place just a few weeks back. Been going every few days since it seems. I’d definitely score em’ a 5, but the place can be spendy.

Dennis Smith

It’s really nice to have an option that doesn’t require me to go to Home Depot. The staff is always helpful and easy to find.

Pete Jacobs

I was amazed at the level of personal customer service! The gentleman helped me with my ideas for my project and picking out the right supplies and didn’t make me feel rushed like I’ve experienced other places that are a bit closer to home. I will defenently drive the extra mile from to buy my hardware supplies here from now on. Great experience!

Katie Fields

They had everything I needed to take care of my yard from bug kill to weed and feed. Fast and Friendly check out.

Emma Stanger

Hardware store with a wide range of products that will sell me a single piece (bolt, nut etc.) instead of bulk packages

C Kjar

Great people. Not bad prices.

Bradley Williams

Help is great, selection is good.

Matt Moore

Staff was friendly and very helpful!

Naomi Landry

Good selection of screws, bolts and hardware such as the steel cable turnbuckles and attachments I was looking for.

R Hardy

It’s like going back in time.

Jarold Jennings

Very helpful. Employee personally helped me find what I needed, carried it to the front, custom cut wood to my needs and offered to carry to my car. Very pleasant shipping experience.

Gail Hall

Big selection of hardware and tools. Always someone there to help. Quick and easy to get and out with what you need.

Paul Elledge

This is a great local hardware store with plenty of staff to help you out

Michael Horner

This is a good old local hardware store. Not a big box.

John Carruthers

I’ve been coming here for at least 15 years and the people have always been really awesome!

Jessica Boespflug

Very helpful

Matt Terrell

This place is awesome. No annoying sales people asking you if you need help every 10 seconds but if you ask, they are super helpful every time.

Nels Jensen


Kerry Green

The store has a surprisingly good stock of hardwoods that they allow you cull through.

Robert Millichap

Friendly employees.

Gary Thunell

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